From Thursday to Sunday, all weekends until November 13th, we invite you to visit the exhibition "Traduzioni Urbane" in via degli ariani 16 in the extraordinary city of Ravenna on the occasion of the mosaic biennial 2022.

This exhibition has been conceived and created in short time thanks to the contribution of the Municipality of Ravenna and MAR. This is an exhibition wanted and organized by Musivaria and Marco Miccoli Bonobolabo with the common intention of showing some of the collaborations that Musivaria has been carrying out for the last ten years.

You are invited to visit it and see in first person the mosaics whose power and materiality can only be perceived by observing them closely. You will observe for the first time in Italy some mosaics and projects that can be seen only abroad at the artists' personal exhibitions: it's  the case of the mosaics in collaboration with the duo Snik and with Martin Whatson; some others are part of private collections like 2501, Elian and Alfano's.
 In addition, the space hosts several mosaics made by other artists including 2 mosaics by Michele Virgilio artist of ProgettoautismoFVG, our special student.

Inside the temporary gallery you can buy beautiful and rare books and prints that are a collection of Marco's expertise who has been working in this field for years. Entrance is free and our first catalogue of the artworks is on sale.

Thank you all!