"Traduzioni urbane" is curated by Musivaria and Bonobolabo with the co-partecipation of the municipality of Ravenna, showing a selection of mosaics by Musivaria with artists.

Collaboration with artists is key to Musivaria's philosophy together with the aim of combining the charm of the ancient mosaic art with the expressive needs of the new language of contemporay Street and Urban Art.

About ten years ago the founders of the studio Silvia Angeletti and Donatella Garabello made their proposal of an unpublished project of a mosaic interpretation of artworks to some emerging artists, sensitive to innovative suggestions, punctually carried out.

The mosaic artworks were born from drawings, murals, stencils, graffiti and projects by italian and international artists; "Traduzioni Urbane" displays the collaborations with 2501, Alberonero, Roberto Alfano, Alicè, Andreco, Giorgio Bartocci, Ciredz, Elian, Kerotoo, Seikon, Snik, Style1, Martin Whatson.

Catalogue details:

Language: italian/english

64 pages, digital print

24 x30 cm

200 copies

printed in October 2022

euro 20 + shipping fees (Italy 5 euro - International shipping 20 euro)

To purchase: Please send an email to info@musivaria.it with the details of your shipment, we'll send you a Pay-by-link generated link, for a covenient and safe payment method. You'll receive your copy of the catalogue as quickly as possible. Thank you!